Retro Style: It's fashionable !!! - (Part I)

Do not throw away your old furniture, because the retro ones are going back decade by decade. If you paint some walls and use adequate lamps, you will achieve a modern atmosphere with the style of another era. Animate to do it!


To achieve the retro style you do not need much. In fact, if you have furniture from the fifties, sixties or seventies, you have a collector's item !!
Furniture and accessories (glassware, carpets) have become very fashionable in decoration. The famous designers have been inspired by the trends of those times to create lamps and furniture that are back to current and create environments with a unique touch and personality. There are some models of furniture such as the Wassily armchair, or the Great comfort, created in 1929 by the architect Le Corbusier, which have become classics. The same goes for objects from other designers of later generations, and have been marketed to be available to more people.


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