Retro style furniture proposals

Look for old designs, furniture retro style and give a new image to your home. Today we propose you to share these 10 proposals of retro furniture .

furniture retro-08 style

Each one of these proposals has its particularities and all are made in different materials, besides having a great variety of colors so characteristic of the retro style .
In the first proposal, we find a restored and reupholstered sofa with fabrics of textures and colors in the best style of the 70s.

furniture retro style-01

These chairs American style They have been completely renovated in brightly colored fabrics and with floral prints.

retro style furniture-02

Corner coffee table American style , made in pine. In addition to having two levels to use, in the drawer that has in the lower part is very useful.

furniture retro style-03

Game room fully restored. Typical model of the 40s, reupholstered in bright colors and bright, mixing textures and prints.

furniture retro style-04

A very original dresser. Decorated with paper patchwork and in the drawers floral details that have been painted by hand. Colorful and very cheerful!

retro style furniture-05

Metal table decorated with papers and finished with matt polyurethane.

furniture retro-06 style

A beautiful and original proposal for a table in the living room, mouse, wood and glass top.

retro style furniture-07

Bedside table in wood, with drawer and doors and with black details that have been made later.

furniture retro style-09

Small tables or stools of cherry wood. They have the particularity that they can be used in two ways. Very useful and practical.

retro style furniture-10

These beautiful Acapulco model chairs are some of the most famous of the time. They have the option of a rocking chair and are made of iron and vinyl cord fabric.

Source: espacioliving

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