Retro style details for the room

The retro It is one of those decorative trends that never go out of style. The amount of ideas that you can enjoy has a halo of the most attractive. More and more people are interested in this type of proposals that rescue from oblivion elements that we thought were already a little outdated.

Retro style details 1

In the bedrooms, for example, the idea of ​​introducing 'retro' type details it is something that achieves a most favorable and original effect. We often relate this style with romantic or more feminine environments, but the truth is that they blend perfectly into any decorative trend.

Retro style details 2

What it is about is to introduce small details 'retro' that visually stimulate the bedroom and make this corner of the house a more personal and distinguished space. Some of these 'retro' pieces that we can have are those old-style alarm clocks, or old vintage clocks. They are fashionable and are a genuine complement, as well as practical. There are so many formats and colors that it is difficult to keep only one.

Another trend of the 'retro' is that of having a four-poster bed. This idea is very romantic, ideal to create a space that takes us back to another era.

Retro style details 3

There are also those who prefer a bed or couch with support or iron structure for their moments of rest. All these options, as we see, run away from minimalism and opt for options with a much more daring point.

Retro style details 4

As for the decoration of the walls, something very 'retro' is the idea of ​​using frames of photos or pictures, bird cages, mobile figures made by ourselves as handicrafts ... Ideas that allow us to configure a whole creative and magical universe for the bedroom.

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