Retro style: combined floors

The retro style It is increasingly fashionable. With millions of followers around the world, the old, its mix with the modern, is the most chic !.

Retro style_ combined floors-10

Today we propose to see how the combined floors retro style They are back and to stay.
Used in kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms, these black and white "chessboard" style floors give a unique and different touch to our decoration.
We can combine them with modern furniture and some older ones. They also look good in combination with wall papers in colors and with beige and white paints, as we can see in some of the photographs.
Another interesting touch is the combination of these floors with white furniture and green paint. It gives a very nice ecological and natural feeling.
In the case of the bathroom, it has been added in turn, the combination with black and white stripes on the walls. Different, no?
To be encouraged and to use these floors retro style in the next renovation of our kitchen, our bathroom or our dining room.

Retro style_ combined floors-01

Retro style_ combined floors-02

Retro style_ combined floors-03

Retro style_ combined floors-04

Retro style_ combined floors-05

Retro style_ combined floors-06

Retro style_ combined floors-07

Retro style_ combined floors-08

Retro style_ combined floors-09

Source: apartmenttherapy

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