Retro style: a colorful beach house

We invite you to enjoy the decor of this beach house. Full of color and life.
This house where the retro style has taken its place has managed to make it a pleasant place for rest, full of light and that transmits joy to its occupants.

Retro style a colorful beach house1

For the decor Furniture from the 60s and 70s has been acquired. The range of colors is wide and all the tones used are bright colors.
In a first glance we can see that both walls and ceilings have been painted in the same color highlighting the moldings and adding in the ceilings the typical flowers of retro style .
A dining room and a room full of flowers, colors and have been combined even in the chosen sofas.

Retro style a colorful beach house2

In the case of this room, we can see the thick colored carpets and the vintage sofas in bold colors.

Retro style a colorful beach house3

The kitchen preserves the typical color in its cabinets and under countertops, with particularity of the green tone that forms the basis for all the decor .

Retro style a colorful beach house4

And without a doubt, the room crowns the decoration of this house. The influence hippie chic It is noted with full prominence.

Retro style a colorful beach house5

A different house, do not you think?

Source: woovaa

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