Retro inspiration: phones

When we decide to decorate our house there are two ways to do it:
A. Give a couple of strokes here and there -without much worry- And think "Well, it's better than how I found it" and without more, feeling satisfied or satisfied.
Two. Worry much more and think about each piece of the puzzle. We will not only paint the wall , we'll hang a couple of picture s and we will choose the color of the sofa so that it matches with the rest. But we will take care of every last detail. And yes, including the phone!

Retro inspiration: phones

And although nowadays - every time - we use less home telephones and more and more iPhone, HTC o Blackberry with its millions of functions that many of them do not even know they are ... we have to remind ourselves of home telephones, since it was they who made life so much easier before the arrival of all these great technological advances. So, a little bit of compassion and think about them too when we decorate our house.
In this case, today we are talking about retro decoration , so here I leave a couple of examples of classic phones that would surely make very beautiful in your home. You can buy them both new, from modern brands imitating the old design, or go on an adventure and find a real retro one, that's right ... Ask them to let you make a call before buying it! or maybe you will have a surprise ...

Retro inspiration: phones 1

Retro inspiration: idea # 1 phones

Retro inspiration: phones 2

Retro inspiration: idea phones number 2

Retro inspiration: phones 3

Retro inspiration: idea phones # 3

Retro inspiration: phones 4

Retro inspiration: idea phones number 4

Retro inspiration: 5 phones

Retro inspiration: idea phones nº 5

Retro inspiration: phones 6

Retro inspiration: idea phones nº 6

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