Retro designs ideas for the bedroom wall

Create a retro environment at bedroom It is easy if we stick to the exclusive decoration of the walls. Most of the proposals that we bring you base their designs on creations on wallpaper. This is still one of the cheapest and simplest options when it comes to providing a specific style to the room, that of adding paper instead of choosing to paint the walls or look for genuinely retro furniture.

Retro wallpaper designs 1

But we can also use other types of inspired designs, such as this giant sheet of the Paris metro as a headboard, a vintage symbol to match other nearby elements.

We move from the retro to fantasy and the most romantic vintage for this bedroom with a style halfway between the fantasy of another era and what naïff Both registers give that stylized aura of retro to the set.

Retro wallpaper designs 2

More geometric is the following proposal, with a glamor added and sophisticated when combining accessories in black with others in gold. Retro and modernism to get a luxury setting with few elements.

Retro wallpaper designs 4

The retro connects with the Pop-Art creations in this girl's room where feminine colors abound, comic icons and something as artistic as a wall full of suggestive red lips.

Retro wallpaper designs 5

Again a geometric design, something that has been associated much with the retro, given that the geometric series and the friezes took a lot when decorating homes in past decades (1950-1960), in addition to forming figures in versions of such striking colors.

Retro wallpaper designs 6

If yours is to add something retro to the decoration, a style that makes the rooms more charming places, do not hesitate to try some of these suggestions that we have shown you or to inspire you in them to come up with yours.


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