Retro decoration: headboards

For some time now the retro style has been imposed in the world of decor . It went from being one of the styles chosen only by the stars and rich of the world, it has been a style very sought after by ordinary people. While it is true that when looking for retro style objects, we can not ignore the rest of the accessories that will accompany it, it is a style that attracts and enamors and that is being used more every day.

Decoracion retro_ cabeceros-02

We can find this style in hundreds of furniture and accessories, but today we will only dedicate ourselves to headboards.
Many couples are the ones who decide to overturn the decor from your rooms to this retro style and one of the central elements of the decoration are the headboards.
These retro headboards that we have chosen are a clear and very beautiful example of this style. They have to be accompanied by the rest of the furniture that will be in the room.
Curves, turns, colors, textures, the classic upholstered capitone ... all this group of elements are combined and the result is incredible. What was once a symbol of social and economic level, today is simply fashionable. And it entails more and more people around the globe.
These headboards in a variety of colors, styles, but many of them with the upholstered capitone as a focus of attention are proposals that you can analyze and think about using in your home.

Decoracion retro_ cabeceros-01

Decoracion retro_ cabeceros-03

Decoracion retro_ cabeceros-04

Decoracion retro_ cabeceros-05

Decoracion retro_ cabeceros-06


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