Retro decoration

The phrase "the past always comes back" is fulfilled more than ever today, the complements, the elements of furniture and appliances that decorated homes around the world during the past century have returned to the latest in interior design more contemporary

Retro decoration

Soft, simple and rounded lines together with the use of pastel or striking colors is what characterizes this type of decoration. A good example are the chairs and sofas sixties, generally created with traditional curved lines and materials such as leather or leatherette with magnificent quality finishes. You can go even a little further and opt for American bar chairs or car seats, anything goes!

The electronic elements are another strong point of this style, old gondola or cabin telephones, radios, medium size refrigerators with rounded shapes ... They will serve to make the difference with the rest with the originality as a flag.

As for the decoration, we can find from the typical plates of commercials (the well-known plates of Coca-Cola, for example) to clocks and vinyls with what decorate our walls.

All of them are very original ideas, but perhaps somewhat expensive for the times that are running, here the limit is put by each one's pocket.

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Retro decoration 2

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