Retro and modern details in this bedroom for baby

The baby's bedroom does not necessarily have to be that typical pastel catalog space. This bedroom that we present is a space based on a white background on which a rich palette of color has been added. The furniture and decorative objects are a wise mixture of retro air details combined with other rabidly current.

Retro and modern bedroom 1

It achieves a very personal decoration and that transmits strength of character. An attempt to get out of the narrow frames in which the commercial channels intend to restrict our creativity.

Retro and modern bedroom 2

We can find winks to decades past in the designs of some of the decorative objects that adorn the room.

Retro and modern bedroom 3

The decoration of the wall with those tang details so colorful combines with the small notes of color that bring the decorative objects of the room and even the clothes of the crib.

Retro and modern bedroom 4

Old toys and decorative elements of our childhood or the youth of our parents are perfect candidates to give a familiar and retro touch to the decoration of our baby's bedroom.

Retro and modern bedroom 5

We can also rescue the old grandparents chest to store the clothes of our offspring.

Retro and modern bedroom 6

Retro and modern bedroom 7

This does not mean that we can also use furniture and modern details, practical and with a more restrained aesthetic. The decoration is an extrapolation of our personality and an eclectic decoration conveys a strong personality and convinced of their beliefs and ideas.

Retro and modern bedroom 8

Retro and modern bedroom 9

Break schemes and dare to combine furniture and details from different periods can be a bit hard at first but with a little reflection and good eye, we will find original solutions that will satisfy us more than the typical catalog orders.

Retro and modern bedroom 10

And our little one will get used to seeing life from the beginning with a new, different and own look. Helping to create a nascent personality is the great challenge of all parents.


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