Restoration of an old house in Israel

This fantastic house is a product of the perfect combination of the new with the old, both sides of the house are in perfect balance. A circumstance that is much more difficult to achieve than at first sight may seem. The architectural studio Pitsou Kedem Architects which is also based in Tel Aviv has achieved that small miracle in the renovation of this house full of history.

Restoration of a house in Israel 1

This 300 year old house has been reborn thanks to the work of the Israeli architects. The house has about 180 square meters of living space, divided into two areas. In one of about 100 square meters are the living room, dining room and kitchen. In a semi-detached space of about 80 square meters are the master bedroom, the study and work area and the guest bedroom.

Restoration of a house in Israel 2

Restoration of a house in Israel 3

The exceptional traditional arches characterize the old part of the house as well as the light colored stone. The modern part of the house surrenders to clear and simple lines. The conjunction of both parties has been magnificently resolved.

Restoration of a house in Israel 4

Restoration of a house in Israel 5

The house breathes an incredibly peaceful and serene atmosphere, it has managed to create an atmosphere of great tranquility. It is the direct consequence of that marvelously well-resolved conjunction of the two personalities of the house.

Restoration of a house in Israel 6

The house overlooks the sea from the old port city of Jaffa, now integrated into the municipality of Tel Aviv. To qualify as enviable to this house would be little, it is a true treasure.

Restoration of a house in Israel 7

Restoration of a house in Israel 9

A true jewel that now its owner can enjoy in all its splendor and other mortals to envy him healthily and wish him to be very happy in that paradisiacal balcony overlooking the sea that saw the birth of ancient civilizations.


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