Rest corners near the window

As we have seen in other occasions, the space located next to the windows can also enter into our next decorative plans. A very useful solution for these areas located next to light inputs is to transform them into small nooks of rest , creating environments with natural lighting and unbeatable views, as long as the available space allows.

Spaces next to the window 1

Designing these relaxation spaces will be very easy for you, looking for maximum comfort. Sofas, comfortable seats, padded benches ... are willing to occupy a prominent place next to the window to serve as a reading corner or be the best place for coffee and other leisure time.

Spaces next to window 2

Spaces next to window 3

There are so many ways to decorate these corners as we can imagine trends and styles. But in all of them they can not miss those fluffy cushions that allow a total and absolute rest.

Spaces next to window 4

Spaces next to window 5

In addition to these essential elements, if the space allows it can be completed with a floral touch, curtains, lamps to illuminate at night, some lamp ... turning this area of ​​the house in the best corner for those moments of leisure and whim, in our most personal place.

Spaces by the window 6

These small areas can serve as a complement to bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, adding an additional surface for rest and, if space permits, creating a very attractive place for collective meetings, after-dinner talks, etc. I'm sure you end up being very useful.

Spaces by the window 7


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