Renovation of interiors with tropical airs

When it is time to renovate a home, it is not always easy to decide on one or the other style. Here come into play various factors such as the budget, personal tastes, even the distribution of the house itself. We bring you this proposal, accessible to all and especially indicated to escape the monotony: renovation of interiors with a tropical air.

Tropical style decoration 1

The tropical style can not only be found in summer residences where the heat tightens and the decoration is oriented above all to offer cooler spaces or create corners for outdoor leisure. It also has to do with a very united to nature , dominated by light materials (woods, bamboo, wicker) and earth colors .

Tropical style decoration 2

Tropical style decoration 3

In this sense, the palette of genuinely tropical tones are the brown, beige, white, yellow, orange or green . But they can be joined by other tones such as blue, red or any other that we feel like. The tropical base, of course, has to have those earth tones. The use of plants It is another addition to these tropical interiors: in addition to refreshing the environments, as you can imagine they also embellish them. They give that "tropical touch" so flattering.

Tropical style decoration 4

Tropical style decoration 5

Other elements that we can use to create these refreshing spaces are decorative fruits , pictures or ethnic accessories , prints of palm leaves, and in general everything that reminds us of places where we can enjoy the sea breeze, even if we live in an apartment building and from our balcony we can see the road. The important thing, in this case, is to transform those spaces - bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and, of course, terraces - with a different and lighter aspect, ideal to disconnect.

Tropical style decoration 6


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