Renovation of an industrial apartment in Sweden

The house of the Swedish couple Josephine and Andreas has been reformed by themselves to become a nice apartment full of light that combines industrial elements with more rustic aspects with much success.

The transformation of an apartment in Sweden-01

Located in a brick building from 1947, the couple took their time, more than a year, to design this surface at their own pace, transforming it from a common home to one more adapted to their personal tastes. "The house was not in bad condition," says Josephine, "but it lacked a little color."

The transformation of an apartment in Sweden-02

The kitchen, with a very modern design and appliances of the Swedish firm par excellence, IKEA, is a large space, as full of light as the rest of the house. The online ceiling lamps are a detail of Josephine, who loves industrial lights and also has its own interior design store. A vintage detail that provides as much personality as a natural charm. This type of lamps are present in other rooms, as we will see.

The transformation of an apartment in Sweden-03

The color chosen to decorate the interiors has been white, a base color on which other more personal details combine and that suppose the note of color, avoiding falling into coldness. The multiple accessories in natural wood or painted wood make this apartment a cozy place with lots of charm. It is noted that their owners have taken great care when reforming and decorating, and that they like the result.

The transformation of an apartment in Sweden-05

In this other part of the kitchen the vintage takes center stage, especially the chairs with rusty aspect and the wood stacked under the Formica table: an ambivalent environment where the rustic is emphasized in an outstanding way. In the same way it is accentuated in other parts of the house (attention to the wardrobe of this room, an authentic vintage jewel).

The transformation of an apartment in Sweden-06

In the upper part of the house stands out the natural space that surrounds the bedroom. The large windows and their views become a real luxury. The simplicity of the decoration reveals how, with little content, you can create a comfortable space.

The transformation of an apartment in Sweden-07

Vintage bed frame for the extra room. The white flooring floors are another of the wonders that this house offers.

The transformation of an apartment in Sweden-08

Detail of the headboard of the bed with aged lamp. The fan is another piece also for collectors. That beauty!

The transformation of an apartment in Sweden-09


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