Renovation of an attic by Damilano Studio

Avant-garde and details of maximum inspiration, this is the result of the reform that this penthouse of 240 square meters made in 2007 the Italian firm Damilano Studio . A firm that this year has been nominated to the Prize of Contemporary Architecture of the European Union.

Renovated attic 1

The house was an old penthouse, but thanks to the good work has ended up converted into a luxury apartment equipped with a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms with Jacuzzi. All bathed in a soft and intimate light that seems to be designed to achieve maximum relaxation between these walls.

Renovated attic 2

Art has a prominent role in the attic, and also music, as revealed by this exquisite corner in which a grand piano rests illuminated by a modernist lamp. A gesture that can respond both to a liking for music and to taste for ostentatious decoration.

Renovated attic 3

In the bedrooms we have opted for zen decoration, this being minimal but with large beds supported on tatami, oriental style. This space connects with the bathroom, a place of authentic luxury that houses a small Jacuzzi and that takes advantage of the sloping architecture of the roof to create a unique and privileged atmosphere.

Renovated Penthouse 4

Renovated Penthouse 5

Renovated Penthouse 6


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