Renovation of a spacious and bright apartment

This apartment in the Czech Republic It is the paradigm of how a good reform can maximize a space and make it a more comfortable place to live. It is not so much about investing as it is about studying well how a spatial arrangement can turn a standard apartment into a a place with amplitude, style and a lot of light.

Decorative reform in a department 1

Oooox is the company that was responsible for this task, and which took as its main choice to create a uniform and modernized space combination of neutral colors in white and dark tones . The superfluous, as we see in the images, was eliminated from the reform, adjusting to the creation of a functional space bathed in the warmth of the oak of its floors.

Decorative reform in a department 2

The entry of natural light It is vital for this house, so the windows were enlarged and some unusable wall was removed to allow the entrance of this magnificent source of energy. The space, bathed in light, is harmonious and with a charming minimalism .

In the living room, a multi-ambient, open-plan space of great comfort has been created. The accessories like the television are integrated on the wall, making the place look more spacious. In the ecological section, we can highlight that the chimney is biofuel.

Decorative reform in a department 3

The kitchen, equipped with everything you need, is a small but comfortable space to cook, with a small bar really useful. It is an example of how to save a space to the maximum.

From the bedroom you can see the views of the terrace, a fusion of two environments designed for relaxation and maximum enjoyment.

Decorative reform in a department 4

Finally, the bathroom in dark tones is a very practical and modern place: a shower with glass screen, a large mirror and ceramic toilets on a mosaic surface.

Decorative reform in a department 5

A beautiful house with a great style where it has been known to combine usability with good taste, without details that draw too much attention.


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