Renovation of a loft in Vancouver

Renew a loft, get rid of your 90's look and give it a look modern vintage It is a practical and easy solution to carry out. In this loft of Vancouver (Canada), located in the flourishing district of Brewery Creek, its owners, the Macnabs, have recently gathered all their friends and family to carry out the transformation.

Transformation of a loft 1

Perform a reform in a loft has the great advantage that you do not have to move or demolish partitions. The task is reduced to a simple cosmetic reconversion that will give many and very good results without having to get into the dangerous world of works.

Transformation of a loft 2

Those outmoded colors and that poor, muted lighting were crying out for renewal.

Transformation of a loft 3

And that's what they did, to take advantage of those magnificent windows they opted for white to paint the walls and create an open and very bright space.

Transformation of a loft 4

Of course the space gives a lot of play, this open apartment is in the facilities that once housed an old factory in the industrial area of ​​Vancouver. Now it is a luxurious space in which the owners can create a warm and welcoming home.

Transformation of a loft 5

The whiteness, the light and the minimalism complement perfectly with those warm touches of recovered wood. With it, the door of the children's room, the dining table and the partition on which the television hangs and the fireplace is located. On one side, hidden, is the access door to the office.

Transformation of a loft 6

Yes, there on the right where we see the red sign you can see the sliding door. A renovation that has not hardly involved works and that completely changes the appearance of the loft.


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