Renovation and transformation of a traditional house

Carrying out the reform of a traditional house located in a very traditional neighborhood represents an important challenge for an architect, especially when you want to change style without demolishing the old. But it can be done as Jackson Clements Burrows Architects has shown in the renovation of the Twin Peaks House. This traditional Edwardian house is located in a neighborhood protected by legal regulations that greatly encumber the work of architects.

Renovated house 1

One of these rules required the maintenance of a double-water roof, this was maintained with the original solution of dividing it into two. Where does the name of the new house come from? The purpose of the renovation of the house was to make it a vital space for a young family with three young children.

Renovated house 2

The predominant idea that guided the whole transformation was the way to reconcile the old construction with the new additions and the new distribution. Thus the typical Edwardian red bricks finished complemented by black bricks that combine with the black wood paneling of the upper part of the house.

Renovated house 3

Renovated house 4

There were bedrooms for all the members of the family and a large open space of common use that combines a living area with the open kitchen. The new family space combines brick, wood and white surfaces to create a relaxing place for family gatherings. This creates a clean and warm space open to the outside thanks to the large windows that allow you to enjoy the garden.

Renovated house 5

Renovated house 6

The kitchen and the bathrooms are modern and practical, made in a minimalist style with straight lines and predominantly white. A way to renovate a home even if you have to follow strict legal regulations.


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