Renovated industrial style for your home

The renovated industrial style is the protagonist of the following spaces. These are places with an industrial base, that is, environments that formerly belonged to factories, warehouses or other places that were not dwellings. Taking advantage of the available resources, they have been given a new use creating rooms, kitchens and halls endowed with a special charm, to which modernized elements are added in the form of new designs, decorative inspirations and less archaic colors. It's what we call the renovated industrial style.

Decorate the industrial style 1

If you have these spaces, you can transform them and adapt them to be your own home. Is about to take advantage of those furniture or architecture elements so typical of this style and build under them (or on them) special corners adapted to the usual home. As in the following image, where the old lockers what looks like a wardrobe adorn the walls in the form of a renovated wardrobe, in a loft of industrial style quite inspired.

Decorate the industrial style 2

The lamps they are another hallmark of recognizable identity. Broad lamps, typical of old factories, steel or metal. In this kitchen they add a unique charm. Notice how the space has been renewed with a white tile that, in contrast to gray, leaves a clean and neutral space.

Decorate the industrial style 3

Again the huge lamps focus the center of attention in this room dominated by details of a magnetic urbanism. Pictures in black and white, a large wooden table and earthy and gray tones for a space that serves both as a dining room and as a meeting room.

Decorate the industrial style 4

Finally, one of the star pieces of this renewed style: the bedroom . A bedroom where they take advantage of industrial elements to set up a private territory, a personal and beautiful space where they exist. From the shelves to the door, through the decoration of the walls, in this bedroom there is no doubt that renovating from industrial elements is a good option to recover unusual and unique spaces like these.

Decorate the industrial style 5


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