Renew your workspace with these deco ideas

When you have to work at home you need a working space in conditions but also that is elegant, modern and functional. Are you tired of decorating your home office? Well, take a look at these proposals and renew your workspace.


Wallpaper is a good option, and fast, to renew your workspace. It will also be perfectly delimited if you share space with other environments.


The complements or furniture with gilding will make your workspace more elegant and sophisticated.


A completely white space is cool and bright. It will also make you able to concentrate fully, without distractions.


Although if you want to create a more personal space you should give a few strokes of color. Everything depends on personal mood and taste.


Speaking of personalizing and conferring character, a good example. Vintage pieces convey a lot of character.


Art is always a great inspiration for any job. Do not be afraid to decorate your workspace with paintings, prints and engravings.


Some people need the minimum to work and anything can make them lose concentration. A minimalist space like this will go great.


Slates have been in fashion for a long time but they are so practical that we can not avoid them. In a workspace, they will never be too much.


Being able to enjoy fantastic views is the best decoration for a work space.


And in the absence of views, if we have an adventurous spirit, we can put a large map that inspires us.


The rugs are very good both from a decorative and functional point of view. They help to delimit the space and they are comfortable.


Dark colors and leather will give our workspace a masculine flavor.


And to have a glamorous workspace, bright, golden and sophisticated prints.


Having the workspace in the living room will make us enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


A combination of bright colors and striking will make our work area have a natural and very young.


This checkered paper gives a very elegant rustic touch.


Although for juvenile this beach decoration with rustic furniture and the colors of the sea.


Any corner can be used to install a small office. But this does not prevent us from looking at the decoration.


This combination of black and white has a marked feminine air. He is very elegant and youthful.


Sometimes, depending on the work we develop, we will have to focus on the storage space. This example is fantastic to have all the fabrics well organized.


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