Renew your kitchen with a thorough cleaning

We believe that to renovate our kitchen we have to start all furniture and equipment, floors and wall coverings to start from scratch and put everything new. Sometimes it is essential to do so but others just with a good cleaning and the occasional repair and replacement of the accessories more broken by the use will be more than enough.

Renovate the kitchen with a clean 1

But we do not speak of a simple and ordinary cleaning but of a cleaning in depth and a meticulous set-up. We will need enough time to carry it out so we better schedule it for when we have at least a couple of days off.

Steps to follow

  • Dismantle doors and drawers of kitchen furniture. Label them to avoid problems when mounting them.
  • Protect the floor and countertop as well as appliances with rags or old sheets.
  • Wear gloves and eye protection if you are going to use caustic cleaning products.
  • Clean by following the instructions of the manufacturer of the cleaner you are using at all times.
  • Rinse with a cloth, if the water becomes dirty, keep insisting.
  • Finally let the wood surfaces dry.

Renovate the kitchen with a clean 2

Also remove all hardware, knobs and handles above all. Check them well because fat accumulates in the smallest interstices of these supplements. Soak them with water and cleanser for 30 minutes and brush them with a soft brush will be a good way to clean them. If you have to replace one for being in poor condition you can only do it if you are not very old, in any case it can be difficult to find a spare exactly the same. If possible, restore it with paint, lacquer or the coating that has its concrete fittings. Maybe you should change them all if they are very old, take some sample to verify that the holes for the installation fit with those who want to buy.


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