Renew your bathroom with shelves

Do you want to give an image change to the bathroom? Renuà © valo modifying or introducing shelves , accessories as useful as essential when organizing in the home. You can start by changing old shelves for new ones, or trying to vary the color, shape and place of placement. In these proposals that we show you will see how it is a very simple and economical formula to give a new look to the toilet, without the need of work or, of course, of complicated decisions. Take good note ...

Shelves in the bathroom 1

At the time of bath or toilet, we all like to have our utensils well at hand. Therefore, the role of the shelves in the bathroom is as practical as decorative. You can put as many as you like, because in this there are no established fees, and organize them by beauty supplies: towels, soap, bath salts ... Each shelf can shelter your own assortment of tools, so you can decide on more flexible materials for certain objects. For example, if it comes to placing towels and other textiles, try wicker shelves, much more elastic.

Shelves in the bathroom 2

Shelves in the bathroom 3

Change materials and try new elements. If you had everything in wood up to now, try new specimens in metal, glass, steel or plastic shelves. Varies the color and changes the position of the shelves. If they were at a higher height, now you can place them at less height, or place them next to the bathtub (so towels and shampoo will always be at hand at bath time), for example, or next to the toilet.

Shelves in the bathroom 4

Shelves in the bathroom 5

You can draw different sets of heights, to have a more dynamic bathroom, or alternate colors (in black and white, if your bathroom is modern style), play with lighting ... Whatever your chosen alternative, you will surely get a full appearance of trends and style for the bathroom.

Shelves in the bathroom 6

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