Renew the whole kitchen with a coat of paint

To reform the kitchen is an important work in any home since our life revolves around this stay in the house. Every day we use it and several times, so to have to do without it during the time that the reform lasts can be quite hard. If the furniture and kitchen infrastructure are more or less well preserved we may be interested in considering this option that we present below.

Kitchen 1

We start from the premise that the furniture and appliances are in good condition and are of quality. We can then consider changing its appearance with a simple coat of paint. But of course you have to use the right paint for each surface.

Renew the deco with paint 1

Above we can appreciate the drastic change suffered by these kitchen furniture. As you can see, it started with good wooden furniture and they were completely transformed by painting them white.

Renew the deco with paint 2

In the detail you can see the transformation better. We must acquire a good brand of paint, specially formulated for each surface, and strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions. You can also find special paintings for melamine furniture if it is your case.

Renew the deco with paint 3

Renew deco with paint 5

Appliances can also be rejuvenated with a coat of paint. In this case we must opt ​​for a painting especially designed for these devices, the final finish is worth it.

Renew deco with paint 7

Renew the deco with paint 9

Walls and floors, whatever the coating they have, can also be painted. The only condition as you see is to choose the type of specific paint for each surface to be treated. The tiles can also be painted with the right paint. An idea this to take into account if you want to change the look of your kitchen without getting into works. And of course you do not need to paint everything, maybe changing the color of some part of the kitchen is enough in your case.

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

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