Renew the walls with mosaics

The first mosaics Known dating from the ancient Assyrian Empire and the time of classical Greece. They are born as part of an architectural art, lasting until our days to enrich our decoration. An ancient technique that remains in full force, adapted to the current taste with all the beauty and strength of its proposal.

Renew the walls with mosaics 1

The mosaics are an option to beautify the walls when it is not clear what to do with them and what we are looking for is a radical change. In addition to adapting to the walls of our house, they adapt to other surfaces such as furniture, countertops, tables and even windows. To the typical squared mosaics you can add other more suggestive designs, floral or geometric, for example.

Renew the walls with mosaics 2

Renew walls with mosaics 3

The originality of this proposal, however, does not match well with all decorative tastes, because those who like more the classic and diaphanous environments will be more suspicious when trying a decoration of this type. The mosaic absorbs light and, therefore, focuses a lot on visual attention. It will be the absolute protagonist of the decoration and not a mere complement. But you'll like it if you like innovation, cutting-edge and spectacular style changes.

Renew the walls with mosaics 4

Mosaics in the bathroom: traditionally, this has been the place to give free rein to the mosaic fever. The walls of the showers are covered with them to avoid humidity, displacing the tiles as usual. Also in the bathroom you can innovate thanks to an infinite palette of colors, creating proposals for all tastes where there is abundance of clarity, dynamism, modernity, elegance ... multiple faces for the same space.

Renew walls with mosaics 5

Renew walls with mosaics 6

Renew the walls with mosaics 7


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