Refrigerate your home with style and economy

This summer has been super intense! The heat has not given us respite. And as such it has allowed us to enjoy until now the days of the beach, the afternoons in the pool and the bike rides with friends or family. There is nothing better than enjoying the outdoors but always with the necessary precautions to avoid a heat stroke.


While we are away from home, enjoying the beach or the pool, the heat will not be a problem. But if we can not do that, what's left? The heat does not allow us to do anything at all. Wanting to watch television or eat a delicious meal at home may be impossible. If the heat invades us, enjoying the moment and doing our usual activities is impossible!

What to do then? Simple, now I tell you. Go running to the nearest store and solve the problem: buy a Fujitsu Air Conditioning ! A small investment that can change your life completely!

Surely, your next question is ... Well, why Fujitsu? If my first answer was so simple, it is even more so! All air conditioners are first line products, carefully designed, not only from the decorative point of view but also functional. They have always been the leading company in technological development of these products and their airs are super silent since they only emit 21 decibels. You will not even notice that they work, not only inside your home but also outside, since they have a special function to reduce noise from the control.


But the one that I especially want to mention to you today is the Slide LT model . This innovative and elegant product incorporates, to all the classic advantages of Fujitsu, a presence detector that will help you reduce the power consumption of the equipment and will make the equipment work at lower power when the space is empty. It is optimal for both summer and winter, maintaining maximum performance and energy savings in any of the extreme climatic conditions.

Another of the great benefits that Fujitsu equipment has is the purity of the air they emit, their design and their constant commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. What more could you want!

Do not think twice and incorporate a new air conditioner, which will give you an avant-garde design, elegant and with a beautiful satin finish.

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