Reform the bathroom in 24 hours

The laziness that gives us think about the bathroom reform is over. Bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, the coordination of these ... All this, which in time involves about two weeks of work, dirt in the house and headache, makes what at first is a whim, become a necessity . But the firm Alt Bath, has the solution to facilitate this task.

Reform the bathroom 1

It is a new and practical system, which installs a bathroom kit in the current one, in a fast, simple and clean way, and makes barely one day, we can enjoy a new bathroom, ready to use.

Reform the bathroom 2

We offer it in different finishes, both wall, floor and furniture and accessories. They put everything on you, even with the corresponding lighting.

It consists of its own supplies of plumbing, electricity, installation of bathtub or shower tray, washbasin, mirrors, towel rails and other accessories, all in a functional and sustainable way.

Reform the bathroom 3

This firm offers us the possibility of changing the bathroom, with a modern design, with the latest materials and in a simple way, without generating waste of work. All the installations are hidden behind the module where the elements are placed. And best of all, it is indisputably, that in a few hours we have a new bathroom, ready to give us a wonderful relaxing bath !!


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