Red Nest and its 23 square meters of design

Really, Red Nest It leaves you speechless ... Red Nest It is a very particular design of a small apartment of only 23 meters in the city of Paris.

Red Nest-03

You have not read wrong ... only 23 square meters ...
When it comes to maximizing spaces, designs and imagination are the only ones that can solve this dilemma. As the years pass, the need to make better use of the available space and at the same time enjoy it is growing. The world population is growing and more and more people are migrating to the big cities.
That is why interior design is essential. Having a floor of large proportions is increasingly difficult and take advantage of the few meters that we can buy or rent is the most important.
Red Nest it is a sample of the genius that designers can achieve. A department in the city of Paris that in only 23 square meters has it all.
Paul Coudamy is the designer who gave shape to Red Nest . In Red Nest the bedroom, the dressing room and the office are all in the same room. The base of the design is a mobile shelving. The bed and dressing area can be hidden by this ingenious mobile shelving, which is very easy to maneuver. The mirrors are used to delimit the rooms and create the feeling of space for which, they become the allied grnades. We must also highlight an interesting "refuge or private space" which is accessed on the ground, as if it is a small basement.
We leave you the decoration plan so you can appreciate it better. Without a doubt it is a design that will conquer more than one.

Red Nest-01

Red Nest-02

Red Nest-04

Red Nest-05

Red Nest-06

Red Nest-07

Red Nest-08

Red Nest-09

Red Nest-10

Red Nest-11

Red Nest-12

Source: mocoloco

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