Recycle wooden objects as coffee table

The coffee tables or center not only perform their work at the time of the after-dinner, they can also serve as wonderful side tables. They fulfill their function at the time of drinking coffee or other comforting drinks and at the same time they are decorative, so they are very suitable for those corners of the home where it is always good to have some small extra furniture.

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We will discover some surprising ways to recycle wood to turn it into fascinating tables that will serve as companions in those moments of relaxation from day to day. And for this purpose we can use a old bunker of wood well lined with some fabric to beautify the surface, or we can paint it in a more attractive color that transforms that old piece of furniture into a different and new object.

Recycling ideas for coffee tables 2

An old wheelbarrow, for example, can be the great table that we were needing for the living room or living room and, in addition, with that rustic-vintage air that has we will be able to give it a plus very favorable to the decoration of these environments.

Another classic that never fails is the tables of wooden pallets . Painted and decorated with different motifs and themes, they can rekindle an atmosphere or transform corners that are a little dull thanks to their color and their totally fresh appearance.

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Another aspect to take into account should be the quality of this wood. If it is rather a robust, dark or opaque wood, it may be good to give it some color or detail to neutralize the apparent seriousness of its shape. On the other hand, if the wood is more light, it can be more luminous and introduce a softer shade to the decoration of the room, and perhaps in these cases it does not need another dressing. In this case we can either leave it naked or decorate with some more superfluous element, a vase with flowers or some more personal element.

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Recycling ideas for coffee tables 5

A brilliant idea is the one based on wooden blocks that we present in the lower image. As a result we have a table with a very special, bohemian and urban appeal, essential for those pleasant chat and coffee evenings in the best company. As we see, wood can give a lot of play, so do not hesitate to use it as much as you want.

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