Recycle gray water

It is about taking a new step towards sustainability and the best use of that scarce resource such as water. The gray water are those that result from the use of the shower, the bathtub and the sink. That is to say that water that we have used to take a shower or to wash dishes. Experts have long been looking for solutions to be able to recycle these gray waters at home and do not reach the sewers of cities.

Recycled gray water 1

The gray water must be recycled at home, because when it reaches the sewer, it is joined to the sewage and diluted in it. Moving then to the global process of purification that each population has planned. On the other hand, if we could recycle our own gray water in the home, we could use it again for the same purpose. The saving in water would be remarkable and the consumption of running water would be reduced considerably.

There are already several patents for this process and this time we show you the gray water scrubber developed by Alex Lizares, a Filipino industrial engineer who has designed a domestic station for the purification of gray water. It is a very attractive design and a great efficiency. The debugger stands out for its compact design that allows it to be installed under the sink without any problem. Inside it houses all the necessary equipment for the purification of the gray water of the sink. It has a filtering system that separates the impurities that drag the gray water and a pump that circulates the water to the reservoir of clean water. From there it can be recovered by a simple switch and a tap. The installation and maintenance of the treatment plant is very simple and any plumber can do it. You only need to install a special three-way tap in the sink drain, install the faucet of the filter and connect it to the electric current. It is all that is required. After the maintenance is also very simple, every so often you have to remove the front panel of the filter and change the filter.


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