Recycle and decorate with pallets: 29 must-see ideas

Sure you've seen many coffee tables made with pallets, of course, they are everywhere, but they are not the only piece of furniture that can be made with these secondary actors turned into true stars of decoration. We will see many ideas made with pallets that can surely help you solve almost any need that you have at a decorative level.

Pallet ideas 1

I love this idea, instead of doing with the pallet the coffee table a good number of them have been used to make an immense and beautiful sofa.

Pallet ideas 2

Pallet ideas 3

But it is not necessary to embark on big projects, some small and easy ones will allow us to start in the world of the transformation of pallets.

Pallet ideas 4

Ideas pallets 5

Either indoors or outdoors, pallets are a good and easy decorative solution. They can be used to hang some pots to make a practical bench to rest in the garden or terrace.

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Pallet ideas 8

I think that using pallets to create small auxiliary furniture, some shelves, an artistic wall decoration or a rustic shelf, are original forms and perhaps less impressive than those made with complete pallets.

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Ideas pallets 10

Pallet ideas 11

Ideas pallets 12

There are so many ways to use a pallet in the decoration of a room! Tables, stools, side tables, coffee tables and many more as you can see throughout this article.

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Ideas pallets 14

Pallet ideas 15

Pallet ideas 16

The pallets allow multiple treatments as you will be seeing, from the minimum intervention until the total disassembly of the piece to use the boards that form it. We can color them or leave the wood with its natural appearance, including patina. The possibilities are endless and the limit the ingenuity of each.

Pallets ideas 17

Practical ideas like this park-bike-and-scooter are also possible with our versatile friends, the pallets.

Ideas pallets 18

Ideas pallets 19

Ideas pallets 20

Ideas pallets 21

And what to say about this bar? Most economical impossible and with faucet and sink included. We can also learn something of this idea, the combination of a modern and elegant furniture, as in this case the red stools, with a piece of furniture made with pallets is very decorative due to the contrast.

Pallet ideas 22

Pallet ideas 23

Pallet ideas 24

Pallet ideas 25

For exterior decorations we can use the pallets quietly since they can withstand any inclement weather and are also economical and durable.

Pallet ideas 26

Ideas pallets 27

Pallet ideas 28

Palette ideas 29

We hope we have broadened your horizon regarding these versatile auxiliary objects that have jumped from the transport industry to the world of decoration. And it seems to stay!

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