Recreate the interior style of a Balinese dwelling

The Balinese style is encompassed within the trend of ethno chic . It is one of the styles that are beginning to adapt more strongly in the West, especially in hotels and chic terraces, and also in homes. Originally from the island of Bali (Indonesia), it is a style with a natural beauty that merges with the surroundings and landscapes to result in interiors as beautiful and serene as those we will see below.

House in Lebanese style 1

If you want your home to have all the style and suggestive atmospheres of the Balinese style, do not miss any detail of these images. The number one charm of this trend is the use of basic wooden furniture. Wide tables, light wood surfaces and matching benches to create dining rooms and corners with great charm, without large decorations, leaving the wood itself responsible for creating an unmistakable style, very solid and refined.

House in Lebanese style 2

The spaces are almost naked. Futons on the floor, carpets, puffs ... we move the traditional seats at ground level, to create cozy and very comfortable corners.

House in Lebanese style 3

The floral decorations are also impregnated with this minimalist charm. Just a couple of flowers or branches resting on jars of water provide the precise natural touch. The wood is also present in the kitchen, in the entire structure of the house, to tell the truth. But to recreate inside a modern home, it will be enough to use 80 percent dark wood combined with another type of equipment.

House in Lebanese style 4

In the bathroom, nudity is also installed on floors and walls. There are industrial lamps combined with lamps more typical of the Asian style. Large mirrors on the wall and stone storage places, in this case to place towels. Again we see a minimal floral detail.

House in Lebanese style 5

And much artisan charm, claimed from towel racks that hang from the ceiling and where we can leave all kinds of fabrics and fabrics.

House in Lebanese style 6


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