Recreate colonial-style terraces and galleries

The colonial style , as its name indicates, had its origin in the epoch of the great colonies. It is a trend in which the stylistic elements of the metropolis merged with those of the colonized cultures. For that reason we find in it a very particular charm, coming from mixing different decorative arts.

Colonial style outdoor spaces 1

Its maximum charm lies in how space is configured. A space for the enjoyment of large colonial houses, that is why it is so common to find comfortable furniture, pieces of wood and all kinds of handicrafts typical of ethnic cultures.

Colonial style outdoor spaces 2

Colonial style outdoor spaces 3

These terraces take up that tradition, magnificently recreating the decadence of these environments and the beauty of their classical airs.

Colonial style outdoor spaces 4

As we say, wooden furniture is the most common to recreate this beautiful style. To give it a more modern look, wicker or cane can be excellent. In general, the tones also present a great mix: base of muted tones, earths and ochres with touches of more explosive colors, such as red, blue or green, but all kinds of ranges are allowed.

Colonial style outdoor spaces 5

Other elements that can not be missing in these environments are tropical plants, as long as the climate favors the appearance of these types of plants. If not, the usual domestic will be equally exuberant.

Colonial style outdoor spaces 6

To give a more modern air to these atmospheres, we can always fuse styles, as in the upper image, taking some elements of the most purely colonial style and fusing them with contemporary trends for contemporary terraces. The charm and comfort, in any case, are guaranteed.

Colonial style outdoor spaces 7

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