Recover our woods

Many times our furniture in veneered or varnished wood will spoil. Today we give you some tips to recover them.

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1- Veneered woods
Sometimes the plating sticks, bubbles or detaches. This can be solved by putting a rag on the affected part and on the rag you should pass a hot iron. The heat softens the tail, so when you press it later on the balloon or the detached part, the plating will be stuck and smooth again.
If you are going to cut a veneered board or shelf, the sheet may chip or break. You can avoid it by marking in depth with a sharp, as for example a cutter, or a very fine handsaw in the line on which you are going to saw. Then you must proceed to cut the plank with the saw or electric saw.
2- Varnished woods
If your varnished wood has lost its shine you can relive it by preparing a mixture with equal parts of burning alcohol and flaxseed oil. You must apply with a clean cloth and then you take shine with a flannel.
Another way to revive the shine of the varnish is by passing turpentine oil, which is also an excellent wood nutrient.
If the varnish of your furniture has cracked, you can recover it by passing over the affected area a mixture obtained with lemon juice, burning alcohol and flaxseed oil in equal proportion. If it is too old or aged, it will be necessary to sand the surface layer of the area and re-varnish.
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