Receivers: 10 ideas with eccentric details

If you finish one of the spaces we decorate in our home, regardless of the style we select, we can also give our eccentric personal touches, we can transform them completely. These people got more excited and introduced extravagant details to their receivers .


The receiver It is the first impression that others take away from our home. They mark the style of decor and our own style.
For the first case, the pantone color on the walls, the vintage chair with an extravagant upholstery, next to the vases with flowers and the lamp mark the rhythm of the decor of this proposal.

Receivers 1

Receivers - Idea 2

Painted brown, full of flowers and birds, totally striking. Next to it are the crystal balls, the oriental style and the mirror with an important frame to the tone with the wallpaper.

Receivers 2

Receivers - Idea 3

Bright, but period furniture. I retro it with the luminosity and detail of the natural plant as the only living and colored element.

Receivers 3

Receivers - Idea 4

An antique armchair reupholstered in fuchsia, with animal print cushions matching the intense brown chosen for the walls. The mirror, a detail ...

Receivers 4

Receivers - Idea 5

Another proposal with period furniture and oriental style. An antique wooden shield crowns the vintage sofa and the Persian rug is the protagonist.

Receivers 5

Hallways - Idea 6

Wood, and more wood. Respecting its natural shape with its color, rustic and field with all the furniture made of the same wood including the staircase to the top floor. The carpet gives the touch of texture.

Receivers 6

Receivers - Idea 7

A crystal lamp turquoise is the queen of this hall, steals all eyes and is the one that looks completely. Original no ??

Receivers 7

Hallways - Idea 8

Different, with a mix of style and exposing the tastes and interests of the homeowner. Place for coats, shoes, umbrellas, favorite books. The texture added to the walls by a wallpaper for design Custom gives you the final touch.

Receivers 8

Hallways - Idea 9

In an old house with a floor over one hundred years ago that was restored and maintained its natural characteristics, just add an original lamp, a coffee table flea market and a touch of green.

Receivers 9

Receivers - Idea 10

Wooden floors, polished to natural color, but with hand-painted details. Blue on the walls and that particular way of painting the frame of the entrance door to the room. The restored and upholstered armchair with modern colors and author's designs complete it.
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