Radiators for children's room

When we decorate our children's room to our liking, but at the same time trying to take into account all their needs and tastes, there are things that need to be placed that can endanger the delicate balance that we achieved after spending enough money or , without spending so much money but a lot of time making many of the furniture and accessories that we place.

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A radiator is something that can simply spoil the decor . That is why the firm Jaga has designed some fun radiators ideal to place in the room of the children of the house.
Colorful, fun, easy to handle and especially designed for the little ones. They weigh only one-tenth of the normal because they have low water content, the paint is very good and resistant, they are not dangerous for children and have been thought and developed in an environmentally friendly way because they consume a small amount of resources. The temperature can be adjusted thanks to a special device located in a corner.
No doubt they are beautiful radiators for the room of the smallest.

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