Quiet and inspiring bedrooms

The bedroom is a space that always has a special character, it is the private area par excellence, the most intimate place in the home. The bedroom should be the room of the house that transmits more tranquility because it is where we spend a third of our lives, the third most delicate and that requires more calm. In the bedroom we need to feel not only comfortable but also calm and protected.

Inspiring rooms 1

The lampshade of the lamp, the headboard of the velvet bed and the long-haired carpet bring warmth and softness to this bedroom. The white bedding and the aubergine-colored alpaca blanket give this bedroom the appearance of a boutique hotel room.

Inspiring rooms 2

Delicate bird motifs on the wallpaper, a metallic reflection that covers the structure of the bed and the Moroccan lamp of fine matte gold make this bedroom shine without them being a monochrome. The bust of mosaic in white gold, spectacular and daring, is the only element that really shines in the entire room.

Inspiring rooms 3

A comfortable room ready to go through the harshest winter with its sheepskin on the sisal carpet. The lampshade of the wool knitted lamp and with the cord of the red cable gives the attention in this master bedroom. The covers of the pillows follow the theme marked by the lamp. A warm and peaceful room.

Inspiring rooms 4

A bedroom in the heart of nature. As headboard the forest that is showing different facets according to the seasons. The wood and the sisal, the vegetal world inflitrado in the own dormitory.

Inspiring rooms 5

As if it were a chic hotel room, this bedroom decorated in white has as its main attraction the large arched window. The large armchair and the coffee table on a soft carpet create a small space of comfort and retirement right at the foot of the bed.

Inspiring rooms 6

The white color works miracles, how to make this room spacious despite having such a low ceiling. On the other hand, the wooden ceiling and floor create a feeling of welcome very rewarding. The play of lines, those of the ceiling, those of the floor and those of the bed produce a cross-linking effect that is reflected with the cover of large paintings.

Inspiring rooms 7

A very relaxing bedroom in pale but cool tones. The bed located between two windows, the box and the ceiling lamp located in the center. Excessive symmetry that is about palliating with lamps and different bedside tables.

Photos: maisonetdemeure.com

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