Purple and black, a good combination for the bedroom

The elegance innate that comes off the union of these colors, purple and black , transform the bedrooms into more romantic spaces. The purple, the most intense tone of the violet range, is revealed in these proposals as an energetic and feminine color, especially indicated for intimate environments and to accompany such special colors in decoration as black.

Purple and black for room 1

The proposals that we are going to teach go beyond mere romanticism: there are also dynamic spaces, cheerful and with a youthful tone that make this fusion of colors a very interesting option to decorate bedrooms for girls, combining them with other colors much softer as the white, the pink or the blue.

Purple and black for room 2

From the sophistication of the first image to the modernity of this second, where purple and black rest on a white base, we find that this colorful tandem has many decorative possibilities, all of them so varied.

Romanticism again, very "chic" also, with glamor, in these proposals in which the intensity of purple gains space and accessories in black, gold or other violet tones do the rest, accompanying wall designs with a personal style that evoke much more individual spaces.

Purple and black for room 3

Purple and black for room 4

For a more classic version, but no less spectacular, we have this bedding set with a nice result, if we prefer to focus on a simpler decoration for the environment, but giving prominence to the bedding.

Purple and black for room 5

As we can see, we can find different formulas to use purple and black in the bedroom, whether it be the marriage room, the guest room or our daughters. The important thing is to find the formula that best suits our personal tastes and apply it without fear, with results as intense as those shown here.

Photos: room-decorating-ideas.com; iondecorating.com

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