Pure and hard vintage

Lorraine Kirke, wife of Bad Company drummer, clothing designer and mother of Jemima Kirke, painter and actress of the Girls series has decorated her house in New York's Greenwich Village, in pure vintage style . A very peculiar house where nothing seems to be new, even if it is. Pure and hard vintage style taken to the extreme and understood as a way of life. In this case it is, because the clothes that she designs and sells in her Geminola store is also made by recovering fabrics from used dresses and united in new models designed by her.

Vintage decoration 1

The island of the kitchen is made with a recovered piece of furniture and a soapstone as a countertop. The wardrobe is also made from recovered pieces.

Vintage decoration 2

Vintage decoration 3

Vintage decoration 4

The fireplace with its retro finish and romantic painting create an atmosphere full of great feeling. The elements that make up the kitchen also have their history, personal history in this case. The lamps were purchased in London more than twenty-five years ago.

Vintage decoration 5

Vintage decoration 6

The roof covered with tin plates of various colors. The doors of the kitchen furniture are old refrigerator doors recovered, as well as the double soapstone pile also recovered.

Vintage decoration 7

Vintage decoration 8

In the kitchen he has created a reading corner with shelves made with old wooden doors and the bathroom has an old galvanized steel bathtub and the metro-style tiles bought in the network.

Vintage decoration 9

Vintage decoration 10

In the image above your workplace to dye fabrics, a double-breasted battery was inserted to perform the work with the dyes. Lorraine dyes here the fabrics that she then uses for her clothing designs. In the bottom image we see different fabrics already dyed by the designer.

Vintage decoration 11

Vintage decoration 12

Eclecticism is still evident in the decoration of the wall, with different styles and trends. In the piece of furniture he treasures different garments that he will then sell in his shop.

Photos: remodelista.com

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