Provencal style terraces

The Provencal style terraces They have a charm that refers to the sunny afternoons in the French country villas. This style takes its name from the region of Provence, southeast of France, a region that is characterized by being very green; it is where more vineyards, fields and trees abound.

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The typical style of this place is defined by being a very natural and rustic style in which comfortable decorations abound and with a rustic nuance, decorations designed for the maximum enjoyment of sun evenings.

Provencal style terraces 2

Not only houses with patio can enjoy an outdoor area decorated in this wonderful style; also if we have a terrace or balcony we can decorate it in the Provencal style and take advantage of all the charm of a very artisan decoration in which there is abundant wicker, flowers and large tablecloths displayed on the tables.

Provencal style terraces 3

Wood is the best complement to create terraces and patios in this style. If the area receives a lot of direct sunlight, it does not hurt to put some umbrella or cover with some canvas to create cooler places in the shade.

Provencal style terraces 4

The abundance of plants and flowers is another typical characteristic. This visual display is joined by other details such as tablecloths typical of the area, vases and jars, exquisite fabrics and furniture always very, very comfortable. The most used colors are white, blue, cream and raw tones, and a touch of pink, violet or green. All of them soft and very natural tones that create very simple visual spaces.

Provencal style terraces 5

In this way, the beauty of the natural reconciles us with the world and creates these fantastic decorations so inspired.

Provencal style terraces 6

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