Pros and cons of carpets at home

The carpet has its supporters and detractors as well as its advantages and disadvantages. The pros and cons of the carpet for spaces is the point of view we want to take on this occasion. We all know each other more or less, we do not pretend to discover anything but simply doing a small memory exercise.


If there is a place where the carpet fits perfectly is the living or living room. It provides warmth and elegance in equal parts. It will also help us to improve the insulation, which will make better use of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.


The only big drawback of the carpet, as well as the carpets and all the textiles in the house, exists when someone at home is allergic to dust and mites.


All other inconveniences will depend on the taste and point of view of each one. They need, the carpets, a different maintenance to the one that we are accustomed when we have ceramic coating or of wood,


To reduce maintenance and that the carpet lasts for many years we can opt for its presentation in tiles.


It is much easier to change one or more tiles than a piece of carpet in one piece. It also allows us to customize individual colors and even textures.


If we are concerned about ecology we can find carpets made with natural fibers and sustainable materials.


The other perfect space to cover the floor with carpet are the bedrooms. Warmth and isolation are also key in a room.


The carpet reduces the amount of dust present in the air by 50%, making sleeping in the bedroom healthier.



The carpets have always had the disadvantage of spills of liquids and stains. The new models have these aspects in mind and different alternatives are used to avoid these problems.


We can choose carpets with very matching designs with the rest of the bedroom decoration, so we improve this one considerably.


And if you think that the carpets are too smooth check out the new models with geometric patterns and a huge range of textures.


But the use of carpet does not end in the living room and the bedroom. There are also other rooms in the house where you can be present. From an outdoor dining room like this ...


... to another interior like the one we see here.


In the game rooms they are irreplaceable as they will prevent us from getting upset with the falls of our children.


Or for a reading corner next to the fireplace. More impossible warmth!


In the office we can create a comfortable, isolated and elegant space whether we use it alone or if we usually receive visitors in it.

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