Proposals to use the blue 'Serenity'

As you already know, the blue 'Serenity' was one of the colors of the year chosen by Pantone, the other was the rose 'Quartz'. Normally this company, which sets the standard every year in regard to color for the use of professionals in fashion and decoration, chooses only one color but this time opted for two very sweet pastel shades. We are going to see a few proposals to use the blue 'Serenity' in the decoration of your home.


This beautiful and relaxing blue tonality offers us many possibilities and can have a great use both in the painting of walls and in the use of textiles, coatings, furniture and appliances and in many other decorative objects.


Now that the retro kitchens are worn, we have a good ally in this blue. Both for use in the lining of walls and in appliances such as this retro-style refrigerator.


A carpet in a blue 'Serenity' a bit more saturated will be perfect for the living, whatever the decorative style but the truth is that in one of fiftieth inspiration is perfect as you can see.


In this kitchen we see it in industrial cut lamps and chairs, in different intensities, as you can see it is a sober and calm color that fits very well in any environment.


Another idea is to reserve it for the upholstery of the sofa and combine it with neutral colors and some pink touch like in this living room. The lampshade acts as an integrating element and the golden foot as a point of attention.


Speaking of retro kitchens here we have some fantastic tiles of mid-century blue 'Serenity' that will be fantastic for any kitchen decorated in this style.


In this minimalist-style bedroom, the 'Serenity' blue bedding contributes to creating a clean, bright and relaxed atmosphere.


The bathroom furniture in this color is very good although the rest is decorated in neutral tones. It is a good color to renovate our old bathroom cabinet with a little paint.


Also at the table, even in an elegant and sophisticated table, there is room for this relaxing color that will help create an environment conducive to communication.


And of course we can not forget the children's rooms, in them this blue becomes the true star and is valid, for its pastel tone, for both boys and girls.

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