Proposals to highlight walls with exposed brick

The brick walls are a very current trend in decoration. With these ideas to highlight a wall with exposed brick you can improve the decoration of any part of the house. It is a resource that serves both the kitchen and the bathroom, the living room or the rooms.


In the kitchen you can make any part of it and with the right installation you can even use it as a kitchen front for the cooking and washing area.


Although if we do not want to have to be cleaning a lot or applying a good coat of varnish, it will be better to use the brick in another wall of the kitchen where it can be less dirty.


A brick wall goes well with many decorative styles and with different finishes. We can install it in a kitchen where the white predominates or just the opposite as in the one we see here above.


The brick can be many shades or can even be painted if we prefer it. For an industrial style kitchen it is very appropriate.


Its texture contrasts very well with the polished materials such as the stone countertop and the metal of this extractor hood.


In the bathroom we can include it in a rustic decoration as well as an industrial one.


Also with contemporary furniture will be perfect the contrast that gives us.


This simple bathroom wins whole with this small portion of brick wall seen. Rescuing the old masonry when we carry out a renovation is a fantastic way to decorate with exposed brick.


The bathroom can remain cozy even with a large brick wall like this one.


The rusticity and warmth of the brick can also be included in the living room.


When we have several uses in the same open space we can use this resource to differentiate the different zones.


This exposed brick wall is very safe for the installation of a wood stove and also becomes a key element of the decoration of this living room.


When we can not or do not want to use authentic brick, we can use imitations. From a wallpaper to decorative platelets in various materials.


In the bedroom the wall at the head of the bed takes the palm for this decorative technique.


In a Nordic style decoration we can paint the bricks in white to reduce their visual impact.


But if we want to animate our room and give it a fresher air we can resort to cheerful colors like this turquoise.


And for more formal and elegant environments, like this one, we can resort to bricks in dark tones.

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