Proposals to decorate with recycled materials

Introducing furniture made with recycled materials, usually wood, is a current in vogue in recent years. Whether simply by fashion or by a true awareness in the conservation of natural resources many people are making use of these materials to decorate their homes. It is also not about building all our furniture with pallets or recovered wood, but it is about introducing some furniture or decorative element to give a different and personalized air to our decoration.

Deco recycled 1

The tables, dressers and chests of drawers are furniture that we can recover and try to give them a new use with a slight aesthetic treatment. We can also make use of simpler accessories such as wooden boxes to store objects.

Deco recycled 2

Here we have a good example to create a storage area with simplicity and without complicating our lives. Several wooden boxes that we will use as shelves and a pallet to hang the towels and we will have our bathroom tidy.

Deco recycled 3

Deco recycled 4

The coffee tables made with wooden pallets are a trend and you can find many examples of what you look for on the net. They exist in all possible degrees of complexity and within the reach of any bricolador, whatever their level of experience.

Deco recycled 5

This charming outdoor kitchen can not be simpler, totally made with wooden boxes painted in white, it gathers everything you need to cook with style.

Deco recycled 6

A table made with thick planks of reclaimed wood needs nothing more than a treatment with a sealer to have a magnificent kitchen or dining table. Also if, as in the example above, we make the structure of the legs with steel tube, we will get a very interesting industrial look, while greatly simplifying the construction of the table.

Deco recycled 7

Deco recycled 8

Deco recycled 9

With a simple painting treatment wooden boxes of any size will give us a great result and with little effort or knowledge.

Deco recycled 10

Deco recycled 11

In any room of the house furniture and decorative accessories made with reclaimed wood will solve the storage needs in a simple, practical, economical and above all decorative way.

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