Proposals to decorate walls with photo murals

Photo murals are a very attractive decorative solution that can give us very good results. Take a look at these walls decorated with photo murals and you will have enough inspiration to give a special touch to that boring wall that you do not know how to revitalize.


The images of Nature are an important piece in this specialty. To create a living and relaxing space at the same time there is nothing like these images.


In this bathroom next to the bathtub we have a spectacular view that creates a very natural space.


But also in the living room a wild image like the one we see above may work well.


Or this one that will take us to the fantastic worlds of the humid forests.


Even in the bedroom can be a good asset. This bedroom furnished with reclaimed wood has a spectacular view at its head.


This winter landscape is great in this living room decorated in white.


This bedroom has a mysterious air that encourages recollection thanks to that view of a misty forest.


This thick landscape of white trunks gives a very natural feel to this living room.


How to sleep hanging from the sky. This fantastic view of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado takes us to the heights.


And if ours is the sea nothing like this marine view to work in a relaxed way.


Now we change the point of view and we become small as insects watching these fantastic macro images of flowers.


These images are excellent for rooms and rooms with a female environment.


Either in a more veiled or obvious way as these pink roses decorate this bathroom.


A black and white photographic mural brings character and combines perfectly with a minimalist decoration.


Sometimes when the shot is made with a lot of increase the natural geometry becomes the protagonist.


The photomurals can be acquired from standard professional images although it is also possible to do it with your own photographs.


It is a good way to personalize and give character to a specific space in the house.


This image helps us, for example, to create a feeling of spaciousness due to the contrast between the dark background and the cottony whiteness of the cloud.


Who would not like to have a direct window to the Eiffel Tower in Paris?


Or who would not like to sleep in the palace of Versailles or any other similar?


This fantastic underwater image of an iceberg is ideal to create an intimate and cozy space.


This mural of the sun assuming behind the clouds has something very special. Turning your head when you wake up in the morning and see that image should be very pleasant.


This photograph of surfers in action gives a special touch to this correct living.


The hall is a very suitable place to place a photographic mural. Ideal for small spaces where we can not place many furniture.


This aerial shot of a group of zebras combines perfectly with cow skin and the table in reclaimed wood.


An idyllic image for a bedroom. This view inspires peace and allows us to make our eyes wander in that infinite horizon.

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