Proposals to decorate attic attics

Many times the space offered by a house with a gabled roof is wasted. The attic or attic attic is left without use either by not needing more space at the moment or for other reasons such as the problems it poses at the time of taking advantage. With these proposals to decorate attic attics we hope that you awaken your decorator instinct and you can carry out some of these ideas or at least serve as inspiration.

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One more bed in the house never hurts, for our children or for friends or family who come to visit us. It's easy and you do not need a large investment.


The boys will love that extra privacy and privacy. And as we see in these examples do not need many furniture.


Sometimes a mattress and bedding are enough, plus some practical accessories to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.


In this room we see how the architecture of the room has been used to create a fluid and comfortable space.


To sleep and read at the top of our house, right under the stars, it just takes a little ingenuity.


Another possibility offered by the attic attics are the spaces or corners of reading. Tranquility, when the attic is separated from the rest of the house and not a passage area, and the natural light of its sloping windows are magnificent ingredients for a cozy reading corner.


And to assemble a reading corner you do not need more than a comfortable chair or seat, a good reserve of books and a side table.



And if you work at home you can set up your office in the attic because as we said it is a quiet place and isolated from the typical noise of a home.


With enough space for a desk and the auxiliary furniture that we need there is enough. A good source of natural light is essential to work with a good mood.


And the decorative style, it is clear that anyone serves us, the one we prefer for aesthetics or comfort.


In short, to take advantage of an attic attic is available to anyone and it is a shame to have a space like these unused.


Only to see all these proposals you will enter remorse of conscience if your attic is not well used.



Reading corner, bedroom, office, music room, the possibilities are many and it is in your power to make them come true.


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