Proposals of headboards in green

Are you thinking of renovating the headboard of your bedroom and have not yet decided on a particular color? We bring you a unique proposal for this part of the room: headboards of different styles in green . An attractive and energetic color that adapts to multiple styles, from more romantic environments to retro, classic or youthful spaces.

Headboards in green 1

Green, like any other color, has a range of intermediate tones to choose from. From the beauty of emerald green to the energy and luminosity of a green grapefruit (closer to yellow), there is a wide variety of shades to choose from.

Headboards in green 2

If what you are looking for is a rather romantic headboard, the emerald green will undoubtedly be the best choice. A deep and mysterious color with which we will obtain an incredible final style.

Headboards in green 3

A turquoise green can also be the best choice for bedrooms with very different styles. In this case, the choice of this tone emphasizes the clarity of white in a bedroom with an elegant style and basic, very contemporary time.

Headboards in green 4

If the style of the bedroom is vintage, you can not miss a headboard of this type, like this incredible proposal: the shutters of a wooden window. In this case, the green highlights a very authentic choice, which connects us with nature and the most rustic environments.

Headboards in green 5

In addition, the energy of an acid green is the best option for juvenile environments. The expressiveness of this tone will help you create an urban and carefree atmosphere.

Headboards in green 6

Finally, in a green moss, this headboard puts the point of sobriety to a bedroom where, as we see, different ranges of this same color have been used. Relaxation and depth for a very feng shui color.

Headboards in green 7

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