Proposals for rooms for young people and children

For young people, for children and for those parents, they want to give room of their children a different and modern style at the same time. For parents who seek to make their children's room a true design space and where they can meet all their needs. These proposals are for all of you!
Proposal n ° 1 : the dream of every little girl ... to be a princess. Without a doubt, this design by Zoya Bograd will make her feel that way and will take her to a world of fantasy and fun. The detail is in every corner and in every little accessory. Carpets, furniture, coatings, floors. Without leaving technology aside, you can enjoy a fairy tale every day.

rooms for young people and children-01

Proposal n ° 2 : a beautiful pink room by Amanda Nisbet. The pink color combined with the brown and the range of the light toasts achieve a sophisticated but cozy style at the same time. A perfect room for the "lady" of the house. Comfortable and romantic ... for them ... A space where you can transform little by little into a woman.

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Proposal n ° 3 : A room with a nautical style decoration. The little ones will feel that they sleep on a boat. The roof has been specially designed and painted in yellow to give the feeling of a boat. The designer Jodi Macklin has added to this decoration fabrics, frames and colors typical of boats such as blue, red, white and, of course, yellow.

rooms for young people and children-03

Proposal n ° 4 : the yellow color is the total protagonist of this room designed by David Netto, a designer recognized in the world for the children's furniture he designs. The yellow color added to a vintage style in the decoration make this room a very special model that transmits tranquility and full of light. No doubt, a small lover of airplanes will be happy in it.

rooms for young people and children-04

Proposal n ° 5 : a cheerful, modern and full of energy bedroom. With a base of white, turquoise, light blue and a touch of green, it is an attractive and elegant proposal. The designer, Sally Henderson, has included a modern and striking headboard that is the center of all the decoration. You can see that there is a storage space, a place to study and create for this music lover and the natural light of the two windows floods the place.

rooms for young people and children-05

Proposal n ° 6 : a teen room full of color! A decoration with Japanese influence and where the colorful mural of the back wall makes at the same time the perfect and endless headboard for a bed in which the color, the frecura of the colors and the joy are also present. A special place to never get sad or melancholic.

rooms for young people and children-06

Proposal n ° 7 : a room for brothers where their collections of favorite toys have their special place and in view of all. For those little lovers of collecting special toys and some books ... the memories of their childhood will be there forever, in that complete wall library that has been designed and that at the same time serves as a headboard for both beds. The final touch, a full-wall wallpaper of an old map completes the decoration with retro style thanks to its accessories and antique ornaments that is accompanied by the designs of the fabrics used in the bed for cushions, sheets and quilts.

rooms for young people and children-07

Proposal n ° 8 : the designer Karen Reisler made for a young girl and her mother the perfect decoration for a birthday gift for the teenager. The young woman wanted to transform her room and combine the favorite items of her childhood, her favorite colors and her adolescent tastes all in the same space. The photos of her idols framed the individual style of this young woman that the designer was able to translate into the decoration. The result is admirable!

rooms for young people and children-08

Proposal n ° 9 : a room for bohemian girls and with the influence of styles from different parts of the world. A special Daniel Sachs design, complex, with textures, designs and style of diverse furniture perfectly combined in a single environment. Without fear of making mistakes we can say that it has been a challenge for this great designer.

rooms for young people and children-09

Proposal n ° 10 : the room of a rocker! The designer Windsor Smith was able to make this room of a rock-loving teenager his place in the world. He transformed it completely and made the passion of this young man the main theme of the decoration.



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