Proposals for organization and storage for the bathroom

The bathroom is a place in the house that tends to the accumulation of objects in a rather small space and therefore needs good proposals for organization, some of which we will see now. The most common are cupboard furniture located under the sink faucet, but not the only ones. With these proposals we will achieve different styles and lighter and lighter spaces.

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The classic shelves continue to star in such personal spaces as the bathroom of a home. Thanks to its use, we can hang towels and have them on hand. Some people prefer that the towels are loose and others prefer to keep them rolled before use.

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This sample is undoubtedly original, showing how to take advantage of magazine racks to organize the towels:

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Also the baskets They are very useful to keep clean towels, in addition to all the space that we will gain with its use.

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But not only clean towels and bathrobes are made the bathrooms; you also have to have some drawer available to store paints, makeup or shaving kits, toothpaste and soaps ... In the bathroom there are so many things that we will have to locate somewhere that it is important to strike a balance.

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The possibility of placing a spacious furniture you have to take it into account, because it is so practical that it will always be good to have some furniture of this type, tall and narrow, and take advantage of it to play with the rest of the decoration elements.

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Organization ideas bathroom 11

Organization ideas bathroom 12

Organization ideas bathroom 13

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Buckets, baskets, baskets, small shelves ... there are many practical ways to organize the bathroom taking into account the small utensils that we are going to place. Some of them need to be at hand and others, on the other hand, can remain saved.

Organization ideas bathroom 15

Organization ideas bathroom 16

Organization ideas bathroom 17

As we can see, there are so many beautiful and useful storage solutions that you can try different formulas, adding combinations for different corners of the toilet. Next to the bathtub, in the washbasin, some furniture with compartments ... All these ideas will be creating style in our bathroom and we can always adapt them to all the needs that arise.

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