Proposals for glass tables for outdoor

These coffee table for exteriors they shine with the charm of the classic. But its surface crystal It can also help to give a modern touch with which to enhance these spaces. Circular or square, the following table proposals will help you choose the most suitable type to use in outdoor spaces such as terraces, gardens and patios.

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The glass is a very eclectic material, it adapts to different decorative styles and in all of them it gets to look strong. Combined in tables with steel or metal support, or serving as a cover for wooden tables or made in other elements, its chameleonic presence brings beauty and elegance in equal parts.

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Outside, the glass becomes a very practical material, ideal for scenarios with a more modern tone or for traditional environments. For any of them we will achieve great results.

Outdoor tables ideas 3

Outdoor tables ideas 4

Another option that allows us to use glass is that with it we can include in the center a more original type of lighting, like small fires lit inside compartments. This type of compartments are specially designed for this, such as this interesting proposal:

Outdoor tables ideas 5

Another one of the positive points of the use of the crystal is its facility to clean it, although on the other hand we have that it is a very easily breakable material, given its fragile nature. However, with due care the glass can last a lot and be a very long-lived material. In summary, these tables will allow us to use them daily both to organize small dinners and outdoor meetings and to be the best decorative resource for outdoor environments.

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