Proposal to renovate office chairs

The office chairs or desk chairs are furniture that usually have a high price, especially when we want something different than the typical chair of neutral color and uncomfortable design. A good office chair can be a considerable investment. We bring you in this article a very good idea to enjoy in our house or in the office some very decorative and fun chairs.

Renew an office chair 1

An upholstery in two colors will give our office chairs a new life, completely transforming their traditional appearance.

Renew an office chair 2

This is what the chairs looked like before going through the upholstery shop. Horrible, right? But they had a quality structure and in good condition. In fact, they were purchased in a second-hand store at a very low price.

Renew an office chair 3

After a long series of tests, different upholsteries were chosen for the decoration of the chairs, opting in all cases to create a nice contrast between the interior upholstery in intense color and the exterior matching with printed fabric. The combination is very original and attractive. The budget invested in the acquisition of chairs plus that of the upholstery process was well below what could cost quality office chairs.

Renew an office chair 5

In a modern and modern office these chairs make the difference with their striking upholstery. An interesting option when we want to renew the appearance of our old chair or transform some chairs acquired at low prices.


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